How Bing Sitemap Plugin (Beta) generates XML sitemaps files

Bing recently came up with sitemap plugin that will help webmasters create XML sitemap files. A month ago, Bing announced on its Bing Webmaster Blog a new feature that is designed to assist webmasters in forming two types of XML sitemaps.

Building high quality XML sitemaps is crucial for websites. XML sitemaps are accurate and complex representation of your website to limit what search engines index in terms of priority or to let them know of new updates on your site.

Bing Sitemap Plugin is an open source server-side technology that is in-charge of generating XML Sitemaps compliant with for websites running on Apache and IIS.

The Bing Sitemap Plugin creates two kinds of sitemaps:

• A sitemap that stores all URLs that have been modified recently
• A complex sitemap of all the URLs in the server traffic

What are its benefits?

With two types of XML sitemaps, it provides the search engine crawlers on which to prioritize and you always have the latest list of URLs on your website to which the search engines can index. It lets you control exactly what will be included to your sitemap.

Bing Sitemap Plugin offers added control through configuration files, it senses any allow and disallow instructions inside your site while passing over on any URL patterns that must not be added. More importantly, the webmasters has all the authority on which query parameters will be recognized and incorporated in the added URLs.

Duane Forrester clarified, “This can help in keeping both traffic bandwidths down. In addition, the Sitemap Plugin automatically adds values to your Sitemap, and generates values to the Sitemap based on how popular your URLs are.”

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