Google Revealed How Search Works for the first time

Have you ever thought how Google search works? Each day, Google answers more than one billion inquiries all over the world spanning 146 languages and 181 countries. And with high technology available today, “algorithms” make it possible to handle myriads of questions and extensiveness of search requests.

On Friday, Google finally circulated the first ever “How Search Work” guidelines to the world. The 43- page infographic document was last updated on November 2, 2012 tackling on how Google manage spam and how their search process really works.

After so many controversies in the year 2001, 2008 and 2012, Google finally revealed their guidelines, how they remove daily spams, how many searches they perform every moment, how many times Google notifies search owners about spam and more.

The pdf document focuses on:.

• Crawling and indexing. Google finds web pages (crawling) and keeps them for searches (indexing).

• The second portion deals with how Google provides answers to the search, how it considers the pages that must be ranked on top from indexing. All these works are done by “Algorithms” that scrolls to more than 200 ranking signals before it decides what to show in the answer.

• The last area of infographic deals with spam fighting where Google is showing “live spam” being eradicated from Google search results.
With the release of “How Search Works” it gives many people the idea how Google is really working hard to assist legitimate websites in obtaining traffic from the search, to fight spammers and to help people in getting the right answers for their inquiries.

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