Facebook Sponsored Results- is it really worth the bucks?

About eight months ago, Facebook rolled out a new way for marketers to place sponsored links in the social network’s search result-the Sponsored Result. It lets the advertisers target the users looking for a particular place, app and page by inserting a link on the typehead results leading to their own page, apps, post or custom page tab.

What is it all about?

Facebook relayed that Sponsored Results is designed for the users of Facebook who are searching for people, place and things. “Through the search, they can better find and discover the brands, products and experiences relevant to them.”

How to do it?

Sponsored results let marketers embed ads in the list of typehead results by creating standard on-site ads of around 70 character messages connecting to their Facebook apps or pages.
As users only see a limited text about your ad, the key here is to get their attention to click through. By making an eye catching and informative ad, you can invite them to click and suspend their search to look for what you are actually offering. Advertisers must integrate an essential introduction or a few details about your page or application. You can try various methods to see what works best.


For Sponsored results, advertisers buy Facebook objects or “targeted entities”- the pages, places and applications. Once a user search a certain targeted entity, your ad could become visible depending on its bid.

The trick here is target entities that are the same as your page or application to generate high CTR or click-through-rate. For instance, if you’re a sport shoe brand, target your competitors. If you’re an application, target other applications offering the same objectives.

How effective is it?

Although the principle of Sponsored Result seems promising, one of the concerns here is that it seems less helpful to marketers than Google Search. Because in Facebook, when users are searching they are actually looking for a particular business, app or game and more likely to click on ads. The pros here is that the new ad promotion can help people to discover new page, game or applications.

So what are the benefits of Sponsored Results?

Facebook says, “Sponsored Results gives brands the ability to buy ads in search results, bringing more awareness and traffic to your App, Page, or Place. Sponsored Results give you:”

1. It provides you another platform to promote your page, game or app in Facebook.
2. It offers flexibility to tailor your landing destination.
3. It provides chance to target users who are looking for the same apps, pages and places.

After eight months, it’s obvious that not many marketers are taking advantage of the ad strategy in Facebook. Maybe some are thinking that it’s not enough to generate users from the search function. With the introduction of Graph Search, will Sponsored Search continue to exist?

Because the function is still not vastly explored, there’s still lot of opportunities for advertisers to maximize their promotion. After all, it is again another Facebook function that’s worth the small bucks.

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